Antique White Distressed Frames

These distressed frames compliment any design scheme. They are my “go to” frames of choice.

In keeping with my “clean” approach to living, I use only non-toxic chalk paint and waxes to finish my products. So, you can be assured they are safe for every member of your family. Even if you find your little one chowing down on your rustic frame, you need not worry. They are safe!

They come in Barn Red, Antique White, and Vintage Blue. The openings measures 4″x6″ making them perfect for quick camera pics, or 5″x7″ for when a larger picture is desired.  Outside dimensions measure 8″x10″ and 9″x11″ respectively. When ordering, please specify color and size along with quantity of each.

Available: 3  –  8″x10’s”; 1  –  9″x11″

Cost: $10.00 plus shipping for 8″x10’s”; $12.00 plus shipping for 9″x11″


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